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Our 5000 sq’ ft showroom is filled with unique pieces to furnish your home or office. We offer a variety of furniture styles, sizes and colours to suit your interior design needs.

2Co.2Go items have been curated from our many suppliers to help you shop like a designer. The items in our interior design store are available now or can be ordered with custom options where available.

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Perch Console


Perch Console Table

Dimensions 31.5″h x 51.25″w x 14″ d


olivia lounge chair


Olivia Lounge Chair as shown

Dimensions 34.5″w X 38.5″d X 35″h

Kyle Lounge Chair


Kyle Lounge Chair

Dimensions 28.5″w X 35″d X 31.5″h

surveryors desk


Surveyors Desk (as is)

Dimensions 32″h x 55″w x 24″ d

Reg $1839

keagan office chair

 Sale $848

Keagan Office Chair

Reg $1060

Deluxe Recliner


Gwen Chair

Step IV leather (Black)

Dimensions 32″w X 34″d X 40″h

rose dining chair

 Sale $596

Rose Dining Chair

Dimensions 24″w X 24″d X 33″h

Reg $995

romane dining chair

 Sale $295

Romane Dining Chair (discontinued)

Dimensions 19″w x 19″d x 34″h

Reg $825

stella chest high drawer


Stella 5-Drawer High Chest

Dimensions39.5″w X 20″d X 40″h


 Sale $699

Avalon Chair

Dimensions 26 x 32 x 32 h

Reg $1450

 Sale $225

Citizen Counter Stool – 2 available

Dimensions 18″ x 20″ x 37.5″

Reg $375

Deluxe Recliner


Ivy Chair

Step IV leather (Texas Whiskey)

Dimensions 32″w X 34″d X 40″h

Reg $2289


Landon Lounge Chair

Dimensions 34W X 38D X 40H

 Sale $650

Ian Chair w/Flair Arm & Wood Leg

Dimensions 38″w X 38″d X 36″h

Reg $2699

Deluxe Recliner

 Sale $995

Greenwhich Chair

Dimensions 34″w X 35″d X 36″h

Reg $2635

Ormond Club Chair

 Sale $450

Ormond Tub Chair

Dimensions 30″w X 30″d X 31.5″h

Reg $915

 Sale $540

Keyes II counter stools – 4 available

Dimensions – 19.5″w X 18″d X 36.5″h

Reg $1350

 Sale $899

Quinn Accent Chair

Dimensions 29 x 30 x 36.5 h

Reg $2109

 Sale $650

Ian Chair w/Tailored Arm & Metal Leg

Dimensions 35″w X 38″d X 35″ h

Reg $2699

Deluxe Recliner

 Sale $630

Adella Round Chairside Table 

Dimensions 26″ H x 18″ W x 18″ D

Reg $1260

Deluxe Recliner

 Sale $135

Reva Side Chair (2 available)

Dimensions 19″w X 19″d X 35″h 

Reg $270

 Sale $69

Paige Tufted Side Chair (1 available)

Dimensions 19″w X 22″d X 33″h

Reg $140

Deluxe Recliner


Yasmine Nesting Tables

Dimensions 19″w X 21″h (tallest)

Reg $399

Deluxe Recliner

 Sale $296

Orchard Park Accent Table

Dimensions 24″d X 24″h

Reg $740

 Sale $499

Square Leather Ottoman

Dimensions 28″w X 28″d X 16″h

Reg $1299

 Sale $95

Bealle Side Chair

Dimensions 19.5 x 21 x 35 h

Reg $190

 Sale $399

Patrick Ottoman (2 available)

Dimensions 18″ x 18″

Reg $555

 Sale $450

Becall Round Glass Top Dining Table

Dimensions 51″ Diameter

Reg $899 

 Sale $799

York Coffee Table

Dimensions 48″d

Reg $1799


Lisette Cocktail Table 


Accessories + Art

 $95 – $265

Animal Wall Mounts

Prices vary per piece.


 Sale $250

Street in Italy I

Dimensions 40″ X 30″

Reg $495

mesmerized growth painting


Mesmerized Growth

Dimensions 29.25″w X 39″h


golden trees


Country House III

Dimensions 30″ X 45″


 Sale $89

Handpainted Victorian Octagonal Tray

Dimensions 32″ X 20.5″

Reg $220

 Sale $85

Skyline – Las Vegas

Dimensions 16″ X 21″

Reg $176.40

 Sale $85

Skyline – Miami

Dimensions 16″ X 21″

Reg $176.40

 Sale $85

Skyline – San Francisco

Dimensions 16″ X 21″

Reg $176.40

 Sale $85

Skyline – Paris

Dimensions 16″ X 21″

Reg $176.40

Country House III

 Sale $325

Country House III

Dimensions 30″ X 30″

Reg $465


2Co.2Go Isabel Lamp


Isabel Lamp


 Sale $99

Margarita Lamp

Reg $295

 Sale $299

Metal & Wood Floor Lamp

Reg $385

2Co.2Go Isabel Lamp


Angelina Lamp

2Co.2Go Isabel Lamp

Sale $99.50

Grotts Lamp

Reg $199 


vision full doors buffett


Vision Full Doors Buffett

Dimensions 70.5″w x 20.5″d x 29.5″ h


Curata One-Drawer Nightstand

Dimensions 34″w x 17″d x 28″h

 Reg $1409

 Sale $899

Dalston Vanity w/Marble Top 8″ drill centre (Discontinued)

Dimensions 46″w x 20″d x 36″h

Reg $3295 

 Sale $795

Cynthia Rowley Parker Striped Bachelors Chest

Dimensions 42″w x 18″d x 34″ h

Reg $2159

Holland Media Sideboard


Holland Media Sideboard

Dimensions 71″w x 18″d x 35″ h


Area Rugs

Blue-Driftwood-Area-Rug cropped

 Sale $395

Blue DriftWood Area Rug

Dimensions 5′ x 8′

Reg $755

 Sale $499

Cascade Total Eclipse Area Rug

Dimensions 5′ x 8′

Reg $965

 Sale $499

Transcend Flint Grey Area Rug

Dimensions 5′ x 8′

Reg $965

 Sale $599

Dante Area Rug

Dimensions 5′ x 8′

Reg $748


 Sale $49

Feltman Lace Blue Area Rug

Dimensions 2.2′ x 6′

Reg $85

 Sale $299

Tremont Area Rug Grey Ivory

Dimensions 6.6′ x 9.6′

Reg $450

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